Raw Mango Prawns Curry

Easy, Serves 4, Prep time: 30 mins. The perfect accompaniment for your next Sunday afternoon saturnalia, this mango prawn curry is fresh, fragrant and flavourful, and is sure to make heads turn, if you’re entertaining guests. Ingredients Prawns*, medium, 250 gm. Raw Mango, medium, 1 no. Shallots (Madras small onions), 7-8 no. Ginger, 1-inch pieceContinue reading “Raw Mango Prawns Curry”

Kerala Style Fish Fry

Easy, Serves 4, Prep time: 30 mins + 30 mins marination time. This recipe is particularly close to my heart. Once in a blue moon, when my grandmother found the right kind of fish, we would be treated to a traditional Kerala-style fish fry. Simple, wholesome and flavourful, this dish made for an excellent accompanimentContinue reading “Kerala Style Fish Fry”

Malvani Prawn Curry

Easy, Serves 4, Prep time: 45 mins. The hallmark of great-tasting Malvani curry, lies in the distinct smell of freshly ground coconut, peppercorns and coriander seeds. Its vibrant orange colour beckons to taste, and one is met with a familiar earthen flavour, and the tartness of kokum. It goes best with prawn, surmai, pomfret orContinue reading “Malvani Prawn Curry”

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